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Hi, everyone

     It has been quite a while that I created my page on facebook. It is going to amazing to me when 10 years pass and I go back to see how far I have got from the day I create the page. Here is the link to my page :…. Feel free to visit and like my page. Thank you for your support.

Hi, guys

I am passionate to introduce you a new animation from Cartoon Hangover who was behind the amusement of Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors. Let's meet...Doctor Lollipop! The story is about the extraordinary unicorn physician who seeks a way to heal the talking magical creatures in the forest back to normal. Miss Cracker and Coco are the best things I have found in the animation. By the way, only writing words will never get you any closer to the awesomeness of the animation. Here is the link :… . Enjoy!

Hi, everyone

Today, I feel like to write a journal about my first backing experience to the new intriguing game project in Kickstarter. Its name is Hyper Light Drifter. The trailer of the game instantaneously captured my imagination and elicited my awe of the profound beauty. The game tells us the story of a lone Drifter who travels in the vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Our hero travels deep into a mysterious and dangerous land in order to search for a clue to get rid of his vicious illness, instead, he finds the remnant of the dead eras of the world that never was. I really love the look of the game. The beautiful pixel-art and the amazing music both sensuously enhances the game's charm to the level of masterpiece artwork, not one of consistent games for marketing purpose out there. I paid 40$ and I don't regret to back this game. Check out the project by yourself and you will find it is more than just a game. Here is the link to the project :…

Apinyo Yuwasilp
Hi everyone,

    I have an update of my attempt to get the scholarships and grants from CCA. I did a test and talked with toefl tutors today. You will not believe how ugly my scores are! We all agreed that it is almost impossible for me to get a score of 79 or above in 2 months. They asked if I still want to take the risk. Now the plan is changed, I am not ready to across this wall yet. I already expected to get the similar question but I made myself to say "I still want to try".....Why? At this point, you might already smell of plan B because I wrote "Now the plan is changed". If I expected to have a whole year of preparing myself, I have to to know how much scores I can get in 2 months. I realized that my story has just begun and it is not over yet. God has a bigger plan for me, a big journey that I have never seen. Next year will be my great year! I will have a new job, meet with other artists in my country, get a toefl course, hone my painting and drawing skills and make my best portfolio as I can do for next year scholarships and grants. Life always has plan A, B, C and so on. Just do not give up, everyone! Keep believing....because I am here to share you my story. We will walk together.

Thank you :3
Apinyo Yuwasilp
Hi everyone

    When I was 22 years old, I had dreamed of studying illustration in some good college in USA. I had abandoned the dream because it is impossible for my parents to pay for a super-expensive tuition free and a high cost of living is a big punch in the stomach. How could Asian middle family afford that? like my country, Thailand.....30 baht for 1 US dollar. That is a true story and what we can do is to accept defeat. Two years later "Torch passed, new path illuminated" I have walked on a new path and left that dream behind. I realize life is hard and chasing your dream is harder. It is waiting for you on a dangerous mountain peak and climbing is the only way to reach it. No shortcuts, no magic portals...just you and the rocks to put your fingers on. But it does not mean I give up my life as an artist, just a longer and rougher road. I really believed it. he has toyed with my life! My friend brought me a message from his trip to universities in CA. My face was like "What is this dreaming scholarships!? Is it true?" It is true and not that easy. It is scholarships of CCA, also known as Califonia College of Arts. If it sounds so dreaming, there must be people out there who want to study here too. What about me?.... Well, this will be the most unforgivable thing in my life if I won't try it! That torch comes again and I will grab it tightly.
     By the way, the deadline for scholarship applicants is February 1. Fighto!! and wish all the best for you.

Thank you
Apinyo Yuwasilp
Hello everyone,

     Some of you might saw my latest pictures and they are oil paintings. Here is the links :
     Clothes 1 by Noxypia
     Study Master's work 1 by Noxypia
     Still Life 1 by Noxypia
     It is a disaster because mixing colors traditionally is harder than I thought and I am lack of experience of it. I even used colors directly from the color tubes or hues!! like this : banana color is lemon yellow, it was supposed to be duller in some parts. :/ Someone asked me why do traditional while you can do digital. Because I love the feeling of the brushstokes, the smell and real colors!! I feel alive in front of linen and paper. I hope to connect my life with old ways and new ways. By the way, If anyone know where I can learn more, books or website. It would be very kind of you to share here, not just for me but for other people who see this journal will also get the advantages.

thank you
Hi, everyone

     I got a question again, this time is about photo references for artists. We all agree that artists need references for their artworks but I am curious if those references are from searching the internet. Would there be a rule or techniques to use them? I think every photos have their owner. What do you think?

Apinyo Yuwasilp
Hello, everyone

     I think some people might feel suspicious about me already be graduated. Indeed, I have been graduated from the college for almost 2 years. My major is game development... I hope I could get illustration but there is none here in my country. Well, that is small tissue comparing to what I am about to show. My thesis is a 2.5 D game that is developed for being played on Xbox360.
     Here is the video of the gameplay :
     I am so sorry for the quality of the video because I can't capture the gameplay directly from my computer...don't know why :\ Well, enjoy watching!

Hi, everyone
     While I was searching for "color and light" in google, I found two very interesting books by chance(I should say on purpose because I expected to find something useful).

Their names are  
"Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter"…
and "Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn't Exist"…
Both by the great artist James Gurney.

The names sound very promising and I eagerly want to buy them. But.... I have reminded myself that I should know the feedbacks of the books before I waste my money. I am seeking for comments on this books and I would love hear your thoughts. :3

Thank you
Hi, everyone.

     I have got an old question in my head since I was a teenager. The question is quite simple and I think many people found the same question once in their life. It is " Can ones be a great artist without being instructed by masters? ". Throw me your ideas and share your experiences!! I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks :3
Hi, everyone

    I think many artists must be facing the same problem like me now. I found many mistakes in my drawings and a lack of professional drawing skills. I don't really know where I could hone my skills. It would be very kind of you if you guys could suggest me places like academy, atelier, etc. I found love of Western drawings and I don't mind where those places you suggest might be as long as they speak English. It also does matter of the money but I think I can find my way to solve this problem.
    Thank you for your help

Apinyo Yuwasilp
Hello, everyone!! I have a free game from my studio to share. Here is the link to the trailer video and a link to free download on Appstore

Catch him by Noxypia

Trailer video:

Link on Appstore:…

Thank you ^^
After the abandonment for year, I reopened my blog again. Here is the link to my blog :
I will post a lot of more stuffs there so you can go to the site and check out my things. Hope to see you there :3
Karn, the Commander of Black Wood by Noxypia >>>>>Karn Card by Noxypia

Kobold Ulmer by Noxypia >>>>>Ulmer Card by Noxypia

Kobold Ulmers Mechanic Robot by Noxypia >>>>>Robot Card by Noxypia

(C)Summoner Master Trading Card

my gallery on CGhub :
My artworks on cards.

My artworks on cards by Noxypia

These pictures below are the resources.

Izanagi by Noxypia Izanami by Noxypia Paladin of Light by Noxypia

Priestess by Noxypia Scroll of Stars by Noxypia

(c) Summonner Master Trading Card

Odin Sphere

Wed Sep 28, 2011, 9:59 PM
My Odin Sphere fanart collection is now done!!! I am going to put this on my journal for 2 weeks so you can visit and see them.

Don't forget to leave your comment below. =3

[Alice & Sokrates] NEW!!!
Alice and Sokrates by Noxypia

[Cornelius] and [Velvet]

Cornelius by Noxypia Velvet by Noxypia

[Gwendolyn] and [Oswald]
Gwendolyn by Noxypia Oswald by Noxypia

Mercedes by Noxypia

I deleted many pictures in my gallery that causes some faved pictures and linked pictures disappeared. I am really sorry about it and thank you for supporting me.
I added more 2 slots to the list because I like many of your characters. This is a list of chosen requests and art trades.
1. :iconmtc-studio:.............................[COMPLETED]
2. :iconlunaticsupernova:.............................[0%] art trade
3. :iconsho-n-d:.............................[0%] request
4. :icongeoffreydean:.............................[COMPLETED]
5. :iconchinky-chan:.............................[0%] request
6. :iconthatoneboxtosser:______________[COMPLETED]
Finally, I have a time to accept requests and art trades. If you want to ask for request or art trade, please read the rule.

: Send a note to tell me what your request is and I will pick ones that I like most to draw.

*[Art trade]
: Send a note to tell me what you want me to draw for my part of an art trade and I will pick ones that I like most to draw.

*[Slot/ list of request&art trade.)]
:  1. ----------------------------------------
   2. ----------------------------------------
   3. ----------------------------------------
   4. ----------------------------------------
(I will add ones that I choose from notes that sent to me on this list of request/art trade.)

*[How do you know if your request/art trade is chosen?]
:  I will send you a note.

: a quality of any artwork is depend on me.
  no violence and gore
Now I have my own blog on Blogspot. I will post my sketches and artworks that have never been seen here or other places.